Primary Residentials Begin!

Primary Residentials Begin!

Primary Residential Week begins with students setting off from school for their journeys.

Primary Students set off for the first Residential Week today! Unlike years past, parents were asked to keep a safe social distance from the students as they entered their buses. However, parents still had the opportunity to wave their children off as they entered the bus and left school.

First to leave was Year 6, where their outdoor learning will focus on human impact on the environment. Next, Year 5 boarded their buses heading off to learn more about rivers. Year 3 set off for their first overnight Residential Visit. Spending the first day of Residential week in school, Year 4 students will leave tomorrow.

Brief updates on the Residential Visits will be published on each Year group blog. The first update will be later today, after the actvities for the day are complete. The second week of Residential Visits will start on 1st March after the Half Term break. We hope you all have a fabulous week trying out new activities and making new friends!

Links to the Blogs
Year 6

Year 5

Year 4 (from Tuesday 16 February)

Year 3

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