Transitioning Into Year 7

Students in Year 7 met their tutor groups on Microsoft Teams

Transitioning into Year 7 is always an adventure for students, and while many of them may have ‘missed’ getting lost navigating to their different classrooms, they all faced the challenge of acclimatising to Secondary School through CSL as well.

In Microsoft Teams, students were introduced to their new tutors, support tutors and peers in their tutor groups. They were introduced to students new to the school, enjoyed ice-breaking activities and the “what did you do over the summer” discussion. Tutors made sure every student was familiar with the school CSL handbook and policies. It also gave tutors and students the time to check all their ICT platforms and applications worked so they can focus on their learning in the days to come. Year 7 tutors loved meeting their tutor group and can’t wait to meet them in person!