Going to the Market to Learn about Food Waste

Going to the Market to Learn about Food Waste

Year 1 students had some hands-on learning about markets and food waste….

Where does your food waste go?

What else could we do with our food waste?

What fruit and vegetables grow at this time of the year?

These three questions formed the basis of our learning last week in Year 1. Khun Penny, from Happy Legend, visited us to talk about food waste and sustainability here in Thailand. We thought about what we would do with our leftover food, and then we discussed how we could save our food for later or turn it into compost. Khun Penny then invited us to have a go at designing and making some spooky smoothies, encouraging us to think about seasonal produce and not wasting anything. In groups, we thought about what ingredients we might need to make a Vampire drink, or a Monster drink or even a Jack-o’-Lanterns drink!

On Thursday and Friday, each Year 1 class then got to follow a trail of fruity clues around the school, which led them all the way to a market stall, run by Happy Grocers who specialise in locally sourced, sustainable produce. In groups, we chose our items and also had to adapt when an item was no longer available. We then headed back to the cooking room to collaborate together to create our delicious smoothies. For some, it was their first time peeling an orange or chopping up a banana. There was definitely a sense of achievement from the children in seeing what they had created.

I think it’s safe to say we learned a huge amount, whilst also having a lot of fun! 

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