Year 6 Poetry Competition

Year 6 Poetry Competition

Read the winning poem, ‘Why Diversity?’ by Roisin Doherty…

Our talented Year 6 students were proud to take part in the highly anticipated Year 6 Poetry Competition. This year’s competition theme was ‘Diversity’, which linked closely with the learning in Year 6 this term, focused on migration. Students performed their poems to a panel of esteemed judges including our Year 7 past winners, Mr Mills, Ms Thew, Ms Tanya, Ms Lizzie, and Mr Taylor from the Secondary English department. Mrs Ariane Rodel-Stuetzel, the inspiration behind the annual competition, and her daughter, Fiona Rodel, were our special guest judges again this year. Ariane donated the Rosamund-Stuetzel Trophy, the competition’s grand prize, to encourage students to share their passion for writing and performing poetry. 

The judges reflected on the content of each poem, the presentation style of the poet and the overall impression that the performance of each poem gave. All judges were extremely impressed by the high standard of poetry writing and the essential collaboration skills that went into crafting their dramatic performances. Written with powerful imagery and performed with obvious passion, the Year 6 poets and performers gave everyone something to think about. Hopefully, their voices can help shape the future and the way we view the world.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Roisin Doherty from 6F, whose poem ‘Why Diversity?’ stunned the judges with its carefully crafted message, strong imagery and powerful performance. Read the poem in its entirety below.

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