Andrea Noble

Andrea Noble

Andre Noble | Class of 2007

Senior Legal Counsel at ALS

University of Queensland – Bachelor of Law

Nationality: Australian

At Bangkok Patana: January 2002 till June 2007

After graduating from Bangkok Patana, I returned to Brisbane, Australia and completed a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Queensland. Before I truly entered the ‘real world’, I spent a few months travelling around Europe and the USA, where I caught up with some friends from Patana. I was fortunate to secure an associateship with a Justice of the Queensland Court of Appeal where I had a front row seat to the inner workings of the legal system, listening to some to some of the state’s top barristers argue civil and criminal cases. Associateships typically last one year, so at the beginning of 2014 I commenced work as a solicitor at an international law firm. Life at a law firm was not dissimilar from what you would expect from a tv show (albeit a lot less glamorous, a lot more hours and cases were not over within a 40-minute episode). I specialised in mergers and acquisitionsand energy and resource law and have consequently seen very little of the interior of a courtroom since my associateship. Almost two years ago, I took up an in-house role advising an ASX listed company with a worldwide footprint, but conveniently headquartered in Brisbane, and I am now Senior Legal Counsel.

Having recently been back to visit Patana (as my parents have now returned to Bangkok), I was astounded by how much the campus has grown and changed.  Although during my time at Patana I was aware of how fortunate we all were to be attending a school with such amazing facilities and opportunities, it is only now that I have had time to reflect on the truly unique experience. My favourite memories include International Days (I still dream of the food hall), Residentials, History Trips to Vietnam and China and ECAs.  However, most importantly, it was the people. The Patana Community, both the staff and, of course my friends, provided support, laughter and fun and ultimately completed my high school experience.

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