Blessings for a Healthy and Successful School Year

Blessings ceremonies were held at the school.

Blessings for health and success were held to start the new school year off after a stressful time last year. Brahmin priests from the Bureau of the Royal Household held blessing rites at the school’s spirit houses at the front of school. After this, monks from Wat Phong Ploy Viriyaram who held a taam boon kuen baan mai to bless the new Senior Studies area. Interim Business Director Craig White lit the candles and incense to start the ceremony. Led by monks, staff chanted prayers in Pali. The monks then blessed the sai sin (white string) to protect the building and those inside. This was followed by traditional alms giving as Patana staff made merit to bless the school and its residents. Here is to the start of a new school year headed in the right direction!