Block 3 ECAs Begin!

Students develop themselves through awesome extra-curricular activities!

Block 3 ECAs (Extra-curricular Activities) began this week, with students participating in a variety of activities from sport and crafting to robotics and cooking. The ‘Block’ schedule for ECAs provides students with the unique opportunity to learn countless skills and develop an understanding of fields that they may not be introduced to otherwise. With hundreds of ECA offerings, students are encouraged to sign up for something new each Block, empowering students to discover their individual passions. Not only do ECAs engage students in activities that are fun and educational, but they also provide students with a fantastic way to socialise with their peers from other Year groups. Students may study their Home Language, hone their music skills, learn a new sport, or begin their preparations for university. All ECA offerings complement our students’ learning by helping them to develop a wide range of experiences and skills. Check out all of the ECAs students have been participating in so far this week!