Carolyn Suradejvibul – Senior Delegate

Carolyn Suradejvibul – Senior Delegate

Join us in thanking Carolyn for her work as Senior Delegate, 2021-2022…

Carolyn Suradejvibul has attended Bangkok Patana School for over fourteen years, spending her final year on campus as one of the Senior Delegates. Through this role, Carolyn has worked on earning the trust of both the staff and her peers, a quality she believes is vital as a Senior Delegate. She explains that this quality further enables effective communication, particularly when representing student ideas and concerns to the Senior Leadership. As such, Carolyn emphasises the Senior Delegates’ aim to make the Bangkok Patana community a better place for everyone.

The strengths that Carolyn has brought to this role include empathy, active listening and effective communication. Her experience in various leadership roles has helped her to feel comfortable taking the lead in conversations, in addition to identifying practical answers, good ideas, and innovative solutions.

In acknowledging the challenges Bangkok Patana, and the Senior Delegates, have faced due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, Carolyn explained, “I believe online learning has been a challenge for all, and it should be structured to acknowledge that students learn at varying paces, but still ensure none are discouraged or left behind. Online learning and online work are now part of the new normal even when learning on-site, with universities and workplaces adopting various degrees of independent learning and working online.” As such, the Senior Delegates have made a concerted effort to share feedback with their teachers on how to improve learning from home.

Want to learn more about Carolyn? In the style of the famed BBC Podcast, Desert Island Discs, we asked the Senior Delegates which eight pieces of music, one book, and luxury item (that cannot facilitate escape or communication) would they take to a desert island? Here are her answers:

Eight Pieces of Music:

  1. Mixtape: On Track – Stray Kids
  2. I Know I Love You – TXT
  4. My Boy – Billie Eilish
  5. Non-Stop – Hamilton Cast
  6. Normal Girl – SZA
  7. Dance To This – Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande
  8. ยกเว้นเรื่องเธอ – Praw Kanitkul

One Book: Dragon Keeper by Caroline Wilkinson

Luxury Item: A bag with all of my favorite skincare products

Give a listen to Carolyn’s “Desert Island Discs”-style playlist here!

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