Chinese New Year Festivities in Year 7

Chinese New Year Festivities in Year 7

Chinese calligraphy, Beijing opera masks, Blue and white porcelain painting..

Year 7 students had the opportunity to participate in Chinese New Year cultural activities where they tried their hand at traditional Chinese crafts including calligraphy and designing Beijing Opera masks.

Lancy and Forex from 7C had the following reflection:

“Among the various activities, writing blessing words in Chinese calligraphy stood out as a favourite, offering a relaxing and enjoyable time for all of us. Following this, the paper cutting session allowed us to create beautiful dragon patterns, symbolising good luck for our families.”

“Engaging in blue and white porcelain painting provided an opportunity to explore traditional art techniques while imbuing our designs with symbolic meaning. Crafting personalised fans further allowed us to express ourselves creatively, infusing our creations with unique wishes and aspirations.”

“Finally, making Beijing Opera masks was a highlight, offering insight into the diverse roles and personalities portrayed in Chinese theatre. Overall, it was wonderful to see everyone in Year 7 having a great time participating in these culturally enriching activities, fostering deeper appreciation and understanding of Chinese traditions within our school community.”

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