The Great Balloon Debate

The Great Balloon Debate

The atmosphere was exciting yet tense..

The finals of the long-standing balloon debate at Bangkok Patana School unfolded with eight enthusiastic contestants engaging in a battle of wit and persuasion, captivating a considerate and supportive audience of students and staff. The challenge involved students taking on the persona of celebrities and vying to remain in a metaphorically deflating balloon.

Judge [Lorna] Conroy eliminated four contenders in the initial rounds of eight. The final four were: North West represented by Rebecca Oliveira, Larry Page embodied by Richard Xu, Greta Gerwig personified by Jynna Wongswan and Albert Einstein portrayed by Valerie Luedi.

The atmosphere was exciting yet tense as the remaining contenders showcased their formidable arguments. Each participant skillfully defended their case while making suggestions for why other characters should be removed. It was clearly a tough decision for the judges and an enjoyable experience for the audience.

The showdown concluded with Greta Gerwig and Albert Einstein emerging as the last two standing in the balloon. In the end, there could only be one winner, with Greta Gerwig pipping Albert Einstein in the final.

The event showcased the Year 10 cohort. Over the last four weeks, it has been heartwarming to see students supporting each other with their speeches and encouraging each representative of their tutor group. Let’s also not forget the individual achievements of all other students who prepared and spoke in front of an audience leading up to the finals. 

Mr Shane Owen Head of Year 10, said, “I hope the world looks back on this as one of the greatest judging decisions this century and Greta goes on to do many great things. I’m certainly sure she will!”

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