Developing Society’s Game-Changers

Developing Society’s Game-Changers

Erica Maesincee is empowering youth to influence public policy.

Grad’13 Erica Maesincee

Bangkok Patana alum Erica Maesincee has been working towards youth empowerment in Thailand through her platform ‘Youth in Charge’. During her time at Bangkok Patana, she was an active participant in clubs and extracurricular activities and went on to study entrepreneurship at Babson College.

“Over time, I realised it is not about what particular subjects you study or how smart you are, it is about where you see yourself further down the road and what you actively do to get to where you want to be. …Taking on leadership positions or additional courses that would otherwise be deemed as irrelevant to your actual major, starting a personal project, or overcoming your own obstacles, it made me more proactive and have the courage to ‘step forward’.”

Finding Your Passions and Making a Difference

Erica started Youth in Charge because her own experiences taught her the importance of being able to explore interests outside of school. ‘Youth in Charge’ works with students from around Thailand teaching them ways they can affect change in their schools, their communities and even nationally. She connects youth to public policy makers and national agencies. Erica is passionate that youth can drive change; she enunciates this well in the video below.

“I think it is truly life-changing when people realise their purpose, potential, and possibilities, all of which may align with, complement, or at the very least be applicable to what they learn in school or what they do at work.”

Give your child a chance to be a game-changer.

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