Drop Everything and Read!

Students across Primary school dropped everything to read on the spot!

Primary students (and staff) dropped what they were doing to sit down, (and sometimes stand) and read a book for 15 minutes. Children read in class, children read in the Sports Centre, children even read in the pool! They enjoyed a delightful time, either sharing books together or quietly curled up with their own book, relishing the delights of the stories or non-fiction books they had chosen to read.

Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) is one of the many fun activities taking part during non-fiction November (#NFNovember)! Author Steve Swinburne, visited and spoke to the children about writing in a narrative non-fiction style and inspired them to have a go themselves. There was a Book Week, a Book Fair and there have been many activities in the Library, all linked to the many non-fiction books we are fortunate to have on our shelves. The 29th is Dress Up Day – so be sure to wear something based on your favourite non-fiction book!