ECAs Offer an Opportunity to Fuel Passions

A robust extra-curricular activity programme gives students opportunities to pursue many interests.

As students get ready for Block 4 sign ups, they are taking the opportunity to follow their passions with the large variety of Extra-curricular Activities (ECAs) on offer. Over 80 percent of students across Primary and Secondary take part in ECAs. From pottery to rock-climbing, yoga to taekwondo, Thai music to DJing, taking care of their mental and physical well-being is key. There are fun academic ECAs as well with robotics, Minecraft, Science and Stretch and much more. Life skills are on offer as students learn cooking, work on their home languages including Mandarin, French and Japanese as well as important mindfulness techniques to maintain a healthy emotional and mental balance.

The Academies are also in play; students can sign up for new dance ECAs, football, tennis, gymnastics and swimming. Be sure to sign up for Block 4 ECAs and take advantage of four new activities: skateboarding, ukelele making, 3v3 Basketball League and Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu! The signup opens on Monday 15th March.