European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages

With over 20 European countries represented in our student body, we were pleased to mark the European Day of Languages…

The European Day of Languages on 26th September promotes cultural diversity and linguistic awareness. This year, Year 9 students enthusiastically participated by immersing themselves in the customs and traditions of various European countries. They were tasked with researching their chosen European nation, delving into its unique customs, traditional greetings and other fascinating aspects of its culture.

The highlight of the day was the creation of vibrant and informative posters or fact files, each representing a different European country. These not only showcased the students’ creativity but also displayed their newfound knowledge about the diverse European cultures. From French kisses to Spanish flamenco, and from Italian pasta traditions to German Oktoberfest, the posters were a visual feast of European heritage.

Bangkok Patana has just over 20 European countries represented within our student body. Through this engaging project, students not only celebrated the linguistic diversity of Europe but also gained a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of traditions that make each European country unique. European Day of Languages continues to inspire young minds to explore the world and appreciate the beauty of different cultures through the power of language and research.

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