Finding Answers Through Biology

Finding Answers Through Biology

Year 7 and 8 Biology students answer the challenge questions

As we make our way through this current pandemic, Biology students have many questions about the coronavirus and other pathogens. What are they? How do they reproduce? Most importantly, how can scientific processes and knowledge help us?

There are so many key players in this story, and the purpose of the current Science unit in Year 7 and 8 is to educate the students on at least part of that story. This includes learning about early Scientists like Robert Hooke and Antonie Van Leeuwenhoeke in the 17th century who made the first microscopes, Edward Jenner in the 18th century and his discovery of smallpox vaccinations to Alexander Fleming’s serendipitous discovery of Penicillin after the First World War.

The students are exploring the contributions of these and other scientists to understand their importance and also how they are still relevant during this pandemic.

Students calculated the number of viruses on a pinhead, based on a video and then received live feedback on their Google Slides projects from their teachers on the quality and content.

Year 7 and 8 Biology students study microbes
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