From Classroom to Album…

From Classroom to Album…

Grad’12’journey from classmates to musical collaborators. Their virtual collaboration produced the captivating ‘Never Think Again’ album, fusing vocals, guitar, DJ, synth, and bass into a unique sound.

Grad’12’s Musical Evolution and Album Creation

From a classroom connection in Year 3 at Bangkok Patana to a full-fledged musical collaboration, Xavier Froger and Pirapong (Pipo) Dick, found themselves forming a band in Year 9. Their musical journey continued through Secondary School, but it wasn’t until 2022 that they began collaborating on music together.

At the start of 2022, Xavier was in Melbourne, Australia, while Pipo and the rest of the band were in Bangkok. Despite the geographical divide, their shared passion for music led to a spontaneous virtual collaboration. 

The digital realm became their creative playground, and the chemistry led to the creation of their album ‘Never Think Again’, as well as the formation of the band.

All members of the band are music producers: Xavier is the vocalist, Pipo is the guitarist, Scott is our DJ and synth player, and Zarutt is the bassist. Check out their music using the links below.

Album Hyperlink


Band links



Tik Tok


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