How to Be an Exceptional Sports Parent

Students, parents and coaches learned about the importance of empathetic listening in sports.

Parents enjoyed a workshop focusing on the impact of modern parenting trends and technology in sporting held by Lynn Kachmarik, a highly sought after speaker who focuses on the development of grit, resilience, outstanding communication skills and leadership with student-athletes. Lynn has extensive experience in sports as a National Team athlete and Captain (USA Waterpolo), NCAA Div I Coach, College Athletic Director and High School Athletic Director. She now travels the world working with coaches and teachers helping them unlock the keys to guiding their students to become better people and achieve their potential.

Lynn also worked with our Academy coaches and PE teachers, our Athletic Council executive and GCSE PE students. Lynn’s unique “Equilibria in Sports” programme helped the students and coaches to explore their strengths and potential limiters and examine how this might contribute to, or disrupt teamwork in a group. The students and parents learning to become more empathetic listeners and to move away from reactions and instead offer capable of measured responses. Lynn was dynamic and inspiring and we hope to welcome her back to Bangkok Patana School again soon.