Introducing IGCSE Drama to Year 9

Introducing IGCSE Drama to Year 9

Year 9 students were invited to witness the Year 11 Drama exams to get a feel of what is expected…..

On Thursday 27th September our Year 11 IGCSE Drama students had a full day off timetable preparing for their Drama Scripted exam, which counts as 20% of their final IGCSE grade.

The students had been working on these performances for the last seven weeks. They performed extracts from four different plays that are often studied at IGCSE in schools around the world, they were:  Find Me by Olwen Wymark, Blackout by Davey Anderson, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Simon Stephens and Girls Like That by Evan Placey.

Our students will be performing some of these pieces again during lunchtime this week for Year 9 students who are interested in taking IGCSE Drama- it is a great way to see the kind of work that Bangkok Patana students can produce. Year 9, if you are interested in taking IGCSE Drama, please check daily notices for the times of the performances- everyone is welcome 😊. You can also talk to your Drama teacher or any of the Drama team about IGCSE. 

The Drama department is very proud of ALL of our Year 11 students and the performances that they created – a huge well done from us all! 

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