Informative Induction Day

Informative Induction Day

New families brought an exciting buzz to campus today

Today we welcome around 240 new students and their families to the Bangkok Patana community for Induction Day. Students across the Primary and Secondary Schools were greeted by their teachers, learned about their classes and were given the opportunity to explore campus. Families were also provided information about Student Services and the Parent Teacher Group (PTG).

Secondary Principal Matt Seddon shared an overview of the school that would resonate with many in our community. He said it is:

  • a big school, but the layout makes it easy to find your way around
  • a caring school
  • a worldwide top 100 school as recognised by the Spears Index
  • a school with values
  • a community school
  • a school with great culture
  • inclusive of staff who come from all over the world (although they are predominantly British)
  • comprised of a fantastic student body who are truly international
  • focused on ensuring that safeguarding is prioritised in everything we do
  • a World of Opportunity that enables our students to attend universities all around the globe

The Year 12 students were provided with their own induction to Senior Studies and the IB Programme, with our Senior Delegates in attendance to answer their peers’ questions. We look forward to welcoming back our returning Patana families tomorrow!

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