Input and Output Devices in Year 10

Input and Output Devices in Year 10

Students had valuable ‘input’ on ‘output’ devices..

In a hands-on session in the technology lab, Year 10 Computer Science students had the opportunity to dive deep into the intriguing world of input and output devices. This lesson was not just about understanding the theory behind how devices interact with computers, but also about experiencing some unique devices first-hand.

Among the devices explored was the dot matrix printer, an early example of impact printing technology that is still widely used today in factories and retail. Students also worked with a flatbed scanner, learning how it captures high-resolution images from photographs and documents, transforming them into digital files. Some less-commonly used input devices were explored too. The trackball, which is an alternative to the conventional mouse, provided a different method of controlling a pointer and interacting with software. The barcode scanner demonstrated the transfer of data into a computer, a technology pivotal in retail and inventory management. Lastly, the VR headset was the student’s favourite, offering a glimpse into the immersive possibilities of virtual reality technology and gaming.

This session was not only educational but also sparked curiosity among students about the vast potentials of technology in both past and future applications.

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