Inspired by Work Experience

Inspired by Work Experience

Ashley Siribhadra | Graduating Class of 2014

Life After Patana Ashley

My favourite memories are of the residentials, I just loved them. The facilities are great, and they all get used! I just remember it was a nice environment to learn in, it was friendly, and you weren’t afraid to ask questions or say stupid things because you knew it would be fine. I made a lot of good friendships at the school too, and I remain friends with many of them. One friend even flew up from London to visit me in Dundee, we’ve been friends from Year 5. Whoever is in Scotland will pay a visit, even if they aren’t in the area. I made really meaningful friendships here.

There was a lot of time management – we learned about punctuality because nobody is there in university to make sure you are on time and even show up. It prepared me for university by showing me the importance of being on time – emphasising the good things that come from being punctual. There was a lot of overlap from here to what we did in university.

I studied medicine at university – it’s an MBChB (a five year degree) – a Bachelor’s in Medicine and Surgery at University of Dundee and graduated this past summer. You do medicine in undergrad and you can start practising right after that. I knew I wanted to do medicine, I think it was in Year 11, there was a Careers’ internships and I shadowed at Bumrungrad Hospital through the school. I enjoyed it and that confirmed my feelings. It was one of those experiences that I remember quite well, I always liked Science so it fit – I knew I didn’t want to do research solely and I quite like working with people. I am doing a general foundation two year programme, I rotate between six different departments and then I can choose to apply for speciality training or be a GP. Everyone does the training programme in a government hospital – I am in Perth – you get to choose your three block rotation for the first year.

There are a lot of working hours but I do get some time to myself, I won’t say I’ve done much since I started working because it’s been quite taxing both physically and emotionally. I’ve started doing yoga and that helps, also knitting has helped. I love being able to wear what I knit, because it’s so cold there.

I see myself as still being a doctor, hopefully I will have specialised by then and the dream is to be quite good at what I do. I want to come back to Thailand and make a change for people for the better. I want to bring innovation that I’ve learned elsewhere and apply it to Thailand but I don’t know where this job will take me yet. I wouldn’t mind working rurally.

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