Interacting with Uni Reps

Interacting with Uni Reps

Students were invited to a session on how to make the best connections with university representatives…

As COVID restrictions ease, Bangkok Patana School is looking forward to our usual busy calendar of visitors – including the many university representatives who hope to engage one-one one with our older students. Our Careers and University counsellors offered a session to students on how to make the most of these connections. The aim of today’s lunch session was to provide students with tips and inform of them of what to expect at a university visit or fair: the types of questions to ask, the setup and how to gain the most from the visit.

“Throughout the academic year we have universities visiting us and coming soon this term we are hosting a university fair with over 200 universities from around the world,” said Karel De Cock, Careers and University Counsellor. He said that in such a large environment it can be difficult to stand out. Top tips from our counsellors? “Being confident and courteous can go a long way. You want to make the most of these visits by doing your homework and asking questions that are specific and personal,” said Karel.

Students can see the upcoming university visit list on their Cialfo account and reminders are also made in the Secondary Daily Notices.

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