Intercultural Investigations

Intercultural Investigations

Year 6 have been learning and celebrating different cultures…

Throughout the first half term of 23/24, our Year 6 students have been celebrating, investigating and researching different cultures as part of their interculturalism learning. They have driven the learning outcomes by asking ‘need to know’ questions which culminated in a cross curricular exploration of historical cultures (including the music, clothing and food), intercultural communities established along the Silk Road and celebrating the diversity of Bangkok. 

These rich and child-led learning experiences, in addition to the vast range of stories from different cultures they have been reading and the design technology lessons, enabled the children to produce wonderful pop-up books stories to share with younger counterparts. The Year 6 students have been proudly reading their stories to Year 1 students. 

It has been a wonderful unit of learning for the children as they have gained new knowledge about modern and ancient cultures, developed key art and design skills (incorporating mathematical thinking), and produced engaging and entertaining narratives for everyone to enjoy. 

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