Intergalactic Adventures 

Intergalactic Adventures 

Year 5 were starry-eyed at the planetarium…

In a galaxy not so far away, our Year 5 students rocketed off the Bangkok Planetarium (Science Centre for Education), where they explored the mysteries of the universe and contemplated future intergalactic adventures!

They were lucky enough to watch the planetarium’s daily show in English and hear information about each planet in our solar system. They marvelled at the ‘animals’ in the constellations, and the beauty of Saturn’s rings. Did you know Saturn has thousands of rings?

In addition to the planetarium, the science centre’s interactive exhibits really engaged them, fostering a deeper understanding of other scientific phenomena, like electricity and wind power. They loved the hands-on approach and exploration it allowed.

The Year 5 trip to the science centre was an expedition of discovery, inspiring future astronomers and reminding us all of the vast beauty that lies beyond earth’s borders. Is the first visitor to Mars a current a Patana student after all?! We feel one step closer…

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