Sports Science Classes Experience High Altitude 

Sports Science Classes Experience High Altitude 

Sports Science students experienced the effects of high altitude without leaving their classroom…

On Friday September 29th our IGCSE Physical Education and IB Sports Exercise Health Science students had the chance to experience what it’s like to breathe in high altitude air, thanks to Miskawaan Health. As part of the IB curriculum students study the effects of High Altitude on Sporting Performance. Research tells us spending time living and training at high altitude can result in various adaptations, including the increase in the number and density of red blood cells (which carry oxygen), greater VO2 Max and better buffering and removal of lactic acid. This is extremely beneficial for endurance athletes who utilise the aerobic system in order to transport oxygen and fuel working muscles during extended periods of exercise. 

It used to be that athletes would have to travel to high altitude in order to train and live at elevations high enough to prompt these adaptations. This can be inconvenient and expensive. But now modern technology means you can live, work, study and train in a city at sea-level like Bangkok, and still gain the advantage of breathing the “thinner” air. Both athletes and non-athletes can benefit from this kind of therapy.

Miskawaan is an integrative health clinic here in Bangkok, which has partnered with us to expose our students to this cutting-edge equipment which is not often seen outside of Institutes of Sport. Among the team from Miskawaan is alumni James Ashford from Grad’19.  James was a Varsity athlete in Rugby and Track and Field and it was fantastic to welcome him back to speak with our current student-athletes.

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