It IS Rocket Science!

It IS Rocket Science!

Year 9 students learning the science of launching rockets

Year 9 students took their learning outside as they learned that yes, launching rockets IS rocket science! Some were surprised by how high their rockets could go and they learned how to make them go even higher each time. While learning about shooting rockets in the air increased their Science knowledge, pumping up the rockets added some exercise too!

We launched rockets to figure out how the volume of water affects the time of flight. We used a plastic bottle as our rocket which had flaps which improved the flight of the rocket, we used a pump to increase the pressure in the bottle causing it to launch upwards. Overall it was a very fun and educational experiment.

Ranya, Jenny, Ada and Holly

We went to launch water bottle rockets in the Sports Complex. We were finding out how the amount of accelerant affected the height of the water bottle rocket. It was very fun and we loved it.


Today we launched plastic bottles filled with water in the air by adding air pressure into the bottle to break the seal releasing water against the ground. We figured out that by twisting the flaps the rocket spun through the air which makes it go higher. It was interesting and fun.

Jomei, Weka, Elliot and Razam
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