Jennifer Cunningham – Year 2 Teacher

Jennifer Cunningham – Year 2 Teacher

“The school has well-being as a priority and this extends to everyone in the community.”

Jennifer Cunningham is a Year 2 Class Teacher in our Primary School. Jen, as she prefers to be called, is originally from Manchester.

“While I was working in Penang, I researched Bangkok Patana and found that it has everything you could possibly need in order to teach – from the facilities and campus, to supportive colleagues and outstanding Professional Development. The whole school is focused on giving teachers the tools to teach children to the best of their abilities. I thought it would be an amazing experience to be a part of such a caring environment. The school has well-being as a priority and this extends to everyone in the community.”

“This was demonstrated even before I arrived, the HR team were very supportive and responsive and then when I actually arrived in Thailand I felt like a VIP! It was such a smooth transition, through quarantine and a great induction week. I couldn’t have asked for more. It’s been so seamless to join the Bangkok Patana team, as these things can often be stressful. The children have also been really great, despite having to learn online throughout Term 1. They were incredibly positive throughout the experience, and I couldn’t wait to meet them properly in school.”

“I changed careers a few years ago and went back to university to earn a teaching degree. However, the seed to live abroad was planted a long time ago because my mother was a teacher in Bahrain. I realised I wanted something with a bit more adventure and, as I had been training adults in management, it seemed natural to switch to teaching. I have taught for two years in Germany and two years in Penang prior to coming to Bangkok Patana.”

“When teaching, I like the children to talk and to use manipulatives and explore activities. Talking through their ideas with each other allows them to truly explore their thinking. I like to create a relaxed environment where children know they can have those conversations and bounce ideas off one another. It expands the boundaries of each child’s thinking, but on their own terms rather than what they are told to explore. They feel comfortable with talking to their peer groups about various topics and when they feel safer, they take more risks in their learning.”

“In my free time I really enjoy running and jungle hiking – I look forward to exploring new places to hike here in Thailand. One time I was out hiking in the jungle I took the wrong track and ended up in what was a small monastery where I asked for directions. They were very sweet and gave me water and fruit and sent me on my way with a diagram of things to look for to make sure I was on the right path. When I first arrived here, I would only walk up and down the main street because I didn’t want to get lost!”

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