Join the Dance Extravaganza!

Join the Dance Extravaganza!

Sign up for Block 3 ECAs until 19th January!

Sign up for Block 3 ECAs to participate in the Dance Extravaganza! The Dance Academy hosted a Primary dance party to promote this year’s upcoming Dance Extravaganza. With various songs and choreography prepared for each Year group, there’s something to interest all students.

Click here to sign up:—extra-curricular-activities/introduction-to-the-eca-programme

Dance is an amazing opportunity to have fun while being active, especially after so much time spent learning from home. Students will surely enjoy making memories with their dance troupes, with benefits including boosted confidence, improved wellbeing and an inclusive, active environment.

Check out this year’s planned performances below and register for Block 3 ECAs before tomorrow’s deadline!

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