Journey Through Year 6

Journey Through Year 6

Students in Year 6 reflect on their life journeys, creating digital collages that will be developed into a unique piece of 3D art.

Year 6 focuses on human migration, starting first by reading The Journey by Francesca Sanna to introduce the learning theme of Term 2. Students were then encouraged to reflect on their own journeys in life and to create a collage that illustrates their personal story. Through cross-curricular sessions, covering both Design and Art, students explored using different materials and techniques to make papier mache balloons.

Students will finish the balloons next week, adding their personal touches in order to complete a 3D piece of artwork. Year 6 will be painting the balloons a base colour first, and will then add images from the digital collages that they created in class.

Term 2’s learning theme is Great Migrations, and the big idea is focused on why people migrate – a fantastic theme for an international school! By reflecting on their own journeys, students are able to ask historical questions about why people were forced to migrate and investigate possible answers. Additionally, students learn to use atlases and maps to identify human migration routes, among various other learning outcomes. This learning theme is especially vital in students’ development of global citizenship, becoming ethical and informed participants in a diverse world.

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