Hit, Run, Score!

Hit, Run, Score!

It’s all about that base..

Key Stage 2 Interclass Teeball started off with great excitement with Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 hitting it out of the park with their batting skills.

Students have been practising how to bat well and learning the crucial art of ball placement. But it doesn’t stop there! From strategic fielding manoeuvres — employing both overarm and underarm throws— to swiftly secure bases and thwart the opposing team’s advances, our students exhibited a great understanding of the game’s rules and dynamics.

The awards celebrated more than the winning team. Certificates were bestowed upon those who exemplified Fair Play and Tiger Spirit, demonstrating our school values and unwavering support for their fellow teammates. And let’s not forget the Most Improved Award, which went to those students who showed the most progress within the games. 

Well done to all involved!

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