LandSharks or TigerSharks on Land?

LandSharks or TigerSharks on Land?

TigerSharks have taken to land to do their swimming exercises. Tryout the set in the video.

COVID-19 has created one of the most challenging lifestyle upheavals ever and sport has been significantly hit. Contact sports can’t take place, swimming pools are closed, tennis courts are locked, the gym is empty and we have been forced to rely on some creativity.

Swimming is a sport which lends itself to hours and hours of staring at a black line (on the floor), creativity is often not the word we would associate!

However, TigerSharks swimmers have been put through their paces on some challenging land-based sessions created by coaches to replicate the effects of swim sets.

“We wanted the swimmers to come back to the sport still in good shape and having improved in certain areas too,” according to Coach Tim. He added, “It’s not been easy, but the challenge of racing your teammates to get through swim specific activities has been a real positive with swimmers in Pups able to compete with our top National swimmers”.

Below are some of the exercises from our 10×200 Freestyle set, demonstrated by one of our Year 11 swimmers.

TigerSharks land exercises
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