Meet the New Teacher: Aazar Munir

Meet the New Teacher: Aazar Munir

Aazar Munir is the new Year 11 tutor and Business Studies and Economics teacher.

Business Studies and Economics Teacher, Year 11Z Tutor

Aazar Munir is from Toronto, Canada. He earned a BBA in Business Entrepreneurship from Brock University. He then went to the University of Ottawa for a B.Ed and Master’s in Education at Queen’s University.

Teaching Internationally

“I have lived a third of my life in Saudi Arabia, with my parents, a third in Canada and a third in China, so I do understand the third culture kid and life. I always knew I wanted to explore the world further. As soon as I graduated, I started applying for jobs overseas. My first job was in Kuwait where we lived quite a segregated life away from the local community, then I worked in Guangzhou which I enjoyed. Prior to coming to Bangkok Patana, I worked in Shanghai. I was there for four years; it really is a nice city. However, local students cannot attend international schools in China unlike Thailand.”

Transition to Bangkok Patana

“The working of the school is very smooth, the systems are all in place. Bangkok Patana has been around for a long time and that really shows in the way things operate. I’ve worked in a British system before, so I am used to the way things work.”

“I am used to working in the city in very small schools, Bangkok Patana is a maze! Even though I’ve been here a couple of weeks I still do get lost. It feels like a resort in some ways, with the palm trees and ponds.”

“I am looking forward to getting to know my students here, I am also really interested in getting involved in ECAs. I would like to look into starting a sustainability and service ECA, ie reusable products. The ECA would look at things from the environmental point of view but also the student leaders will train the younger ones coming in. The service element being that it involves the community as well as the school.”

“My wife is here with me, we like to go hiking and I would love to visit Khao Yai as well as learn more about all the good places to go hiking in Thailand.”

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