Meet the New Teacher: Rory Stewart

Meet the New Teacher: Rory Stewart

Rory is our newest Secondary Mathematics teacher.

Mathematics Teacher, Year 7 Tutor

I was very impressed when I came to Bangkok Patana, it was quite overwhelming but beautiful, and hot! People here are so friendly and welcoming but then I had heard about Patana before. I was working in Belgium in a British school, there were quite a few staff there that used to work in Bangkok Patana. A woman there told me “You need to go to Asia, and you need to go to Patana because it was an amazing school.” So, I did what I was told! I love South East Asia and travelled a bit here on holiday. Love the lifestyle, the food and the quality of the schools.

Goals and challenges

I am really looking forward to the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award expeditions – I have done them before as a teacher, but I also did the award as a student in Scotland. I actually went to the school where the Awards started.

Everyone here has been so supportive; I feel like I’ve just slotted into the Maths Faculty which is just great. Bangkok Patana seems to be so organized and professional with very high standards, so I want to make sure I meet those high expectations and standards they have for their staff.

Things I do for fun

I love to play music; I play the viola, violin, piano and bagpipes. I like board games a lot too. I enjoy going out to restaurants and time with friends. I am looking forward to getting involved in singing, I love singing. In fact, I performed in Shrek the musical in Belgium!

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