Meet the Senior Delegate: Clara Boucher

Meet the Senior Delegate: Clara Boucher

Not only do Senior Delegates take on leadership roles within in the school, they act as role models for their […]

Not only do Senior Delegates take on leadership roles within in the school, they act as role models for their classmates and younger students. First, we meet Clara Boucher who has a long history with Bangkok Patana School.

Time at Patana

I’ve been at Patana since Year 6, I am now starting my eighth year. Before Thailand we lived in China where I went to an international school. However, it was a very small school so coming to Bangkok Patana was a big change.

I am definitely someone who is very determined and headstrong, when I set my mind to something it is going to get done. As a Senior Delegate if I hear about an issue, a worry or a project I will get it done to the best of my ability and work with who ever I need to make that happen.

What Makes a Good Senior Delegate?

I think you need to be a good communicator but mostly a good listener as a Senior Delegate.  You are more like the middleman in making change happen or bringing things to life. The way to move forward and make changes is by listening and being more aware of your surroundings. You maybe the executor but you need the capacity to listen and understand the changes.

One of the main things, especially growing up at Patana, I want to find a way to make more connections and communication between Year groups. I’ve found how important it is, through sports, to have someone to look up to as well as someone to give advice to. I think it will be important to give nitty gritty advice to what helped me and find ways to collaborate between year groups. Key Stage 3, for example, are having anxiety about moving into Senior Studies and worries about IB coming up. I want them to have someone to talk to directly who can help, not just Year 13s to Year 12s but to younger kids as well. I know there are some ways to do that at Bangkok Patana but I want to find more ways to do that.

Interests and Activities

I’ve played Varsity Volleyball and Tennis since Year 9 (starting my 5th year!!), I have now also played in the Varsity Softball team and ran for the Varsity Cross Country team for two years as well. If I’m not in class or studying, I will probably be found on a court or a field somewhere! 

I really love Business, it’s been my favourite subject for several years and at the moment, I want to find a job in that field one day. My dream university is McGill, and I would love to get accepted into their International Management program, it is a really flexible and multifaceted course that allows me to shape my degree in so many ways when I find areas that really interest me. It even allows me to study abroad for a semester and continue studying a language, which was something I was really looking into, having grown up abroad for most of my life. I hope to move back to Montreal for university and potentially live there as it is such a beautiful city (despite the cold), but I would love to continue travelling as I have done growing up. 

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