Music Making With Recycled Materials

Year 1 learns about sounds and makes their own instruments

Year 1 have been exploring sound and making music from recycled materials. They started by listening to a clip of an orchestra playing and then compared it to an orchestra where all of the instruments had been made from recycled materials. They were amazed at how beautiful the music still sounded. The students talked about how the sound was made – by tapping, shaking strumming, blowing and picking. They thought about how they could design their own instrument out of recycled materials to make music. The students were challenged to make a noise maker that could be used in two different ways – blowing and shaking / tapping and picking. They had great fun as they joined their chosen pieces together and then painted and decorated them. We wonder if theri ‘Recycled Band’ will sound as good as the real thing!

Year 1 uses recycled materials to study sound and music