Mysterious Cave Appears in Year 3!

Students in Year 3 have had an exciting time exploring a mysterious cave and learning about mythical creatures.

The last couple of weeks in Year 3 have been very exciting indeed! After receiving a letter from an expert in mythical beasts and creatures asking for the students’ help, the students set out on a journey to a mysterious cave that had appeared suddenly in the Year 3 shared area. They clung to rocks, jumped over ravines and crawled through tunnels. Students had to be very quiet inside the cave to avoid disturbing Bertha, the terrifying creature who lives inside. As they explored the cave and discovered lots of incredible artifacts, they heard Bertha returning and had to leave very quickly! Thankfully, all of Year 3 made it back to their classrooms safely. They then recorded the events of the day in their journals, thinking critically about using powerful and appropriate vocabulary so that future readers can understand everything the students experienced on their adventure!

Since then, the mythical beasts and creatures expert has explained that Bertha destroyed his life’s work. Year 3 have now been tasked with recreating his anthology, filling it with information about their mythical creatures. This has helped students to learn about atlases, in order to create their own map of where their creatures live, as well as batik artwork, to showcase what their creatures look like. Year 3 can’t wait to finish their anthologies through inquisitive and creative learning methods.