Nature Inspires Year 7 Poetry

Cross-disciplinary poetry lessons inspire students to engage with nature.

Year 7 English classes find inspiration in the Outdoor Classroom, engaging in experiential learning. This cross-disciplinary approach to poetry is influenced by a series of nature poems by Robert MacFarlane, in which he explores the habits, habitats and beauty of the natural world, emphasising the ‘lost words’ of nature. As Year 7 students explore the Outdoor Classroom, they are encouraged to look, listen, and engage with their environments in order to inspire their own research into natural history. This research will eventually be transformed into their own nature poems, integrating hands-on experience into the English lessons.

Cross-disciplinary learning is extremely beneficial, particularly today, as this practice enables the mind to make connections between subject areas, rather than viewing them as entirely separate from one another. These connections then lead to more innovative ideas and creative problem-solving – skills that are highly valued in a globalised world. Watch out for some of their writing in future editions of the Patana News!