Our Female Leaders: Rachel Jones

Our Female Leaders: Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones is committed to raising her children as empowered global citizens.

Rachel Jones, who joined Bangkok Patana as Head of Admissions in 2009, has spent the years raising two children and working full-time; the balancing act known to so many women. However, there is a more important balance that she imparts to her children; that of gender equality.

“As a mother of a daughter and a son, I believe very strongly in the importance of fostering gender equality in both our girls and boys.  I want them to be confident to pursue their interests and aspirations regardless of gender, and also to understand that gender equality benefits, and is the responsibility of, all members of our society, not just girls and women.”

“Gender bias can begin at such a young age so it was important for me to address it from the very beginning.  I ensured that my children had access to a broad range of toys and activities, and were not limited by traditional gender-specific stereotypes. We also made sure to read stories and discuss real-life events which celebrated diversity and showed women and men in a variety of different roles.  I am proud to have a daughter who loves science and technology just as much as she enjoys art, and a son who is passionate about nature and is learning to cook.”

“I hope to provide a positive role model in terms of my actions as well as my words, and as my children grow older our conversations around equality continue to evolve.  It is important to keep asking questions, challenging assumptions and encouraging them to be true to their values.  As global citizens I want my daughter and my son to be empowered, and to have the confidence to speak up when they encounter inequality – to name it and choose to challenge it.” #ChoosetoChallenge #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2021

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