Out of the Lab and into the Kitchen in Year 7

Year 7 Science students are studying chemical reactions in the kitchen.

Year 7 Science students are out of the lab and in the kitchen as they conduct experiments from home. They are finding out which condition will produce the most rust as iron, oxygen and water react. The experiments will be left for one week, then students will analyse their results and make conclusions. One student started early, mixing sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and acetic acid (vinegar). Then, she followed her own curiosity experimenting with hot vinegar instead. The students share and discuss their results on Miro, an online whiteboard.

It is good to see our students engaged in collaboration and hands-on experience at home, just as they would be on campus. Our CSL (Continuing Student Learning) platform works on the same principles as in-class learning, allowing our students to progress in their learning through the guidance of their teachers.