Painted Cube Problem Engages Year 7 Mathematics Students

Painted Cube Problem Engages Year 7 Mathematics Students

Year 7 students challenged their mathematics skills with the Painted Cube problem.

Year 7 Tier 1 classes put their best problem-solving skills to the test on the ‘Painted Cube’ activity. Imagine dipping a large cube into a pot of paint so the whole outer surface is covered with the same colour and then breaking the cube up into its small cubes. How many of the small cubes will have that one colour on their faces? Will they all look the same?

The classrooms were full of excited and engaged discussion, with students working in groups to solve the problem. Some were constructing the shape with multi-link cubes, others were drawing on isometric paper, and many were working systematically and clearly. Well done Year 7!

“The task was really interesting, and we got to work together to solve the problem which was good.” – Minato Yamasaki, 7H

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