Parents Gear Up for University Applications

Parents Gear Up for University Applications

Year 13 students begin preparing for their university applications…

The Careers and University Counselling Department hosted a Parent’s Information Evening, their first in-person parent event in two years! It was fantastic to see so many students and parents in the audience and everyone seemed to truly enjoy the opportunity to connect again.   

The Careers and University Counsellors and Secondary Leadership Team defined the roles of the counsellors, students and parents in the university application process, further exploring what each can do to make the application process as smooth as possible. The careers counsellors also demonstrated what a well-balanced university application list looks like and what students can do to stay organised. Requirements and application deadlines for universities in Europe, North America and Asia were highlighted as well as internal processes such as projected grades, transcripts, forms and brag sheets. Counsellors additionally reviewed the relevant tools and functions on Cialfo, which is the platform used to support students through their university research and application process.

This is an exciting time for Year 13 students! As Term 1 is focused on finalising their “After Bangkok Patana” pathways, students are in the process of preparing their university applications. Throughout the next couple of months, Year 13 students will send over 1,400 applications to more than 100 universities around the world. Much of their “free” time will be spent filling out applications and writing essays or personal statements.

A message from the Careers and University Counselling team to our Year 13 students:
We know that you are both excited and anxious about the application process. We are also very much aware of how much you are asked to do from now until the December break. Remember to be mindful of your stress level and take care of your well-being. Our team is always here to support you and the whole Bangkok Patana community is rooting for you!

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