Patana Pathways – Keira

Patana Pathways – Keira

From Gymnastics captain to president of Pataroma Club to Architectural Engineering..

Keira’s Patana Pathway is nothing short of a testament to her grit and dedication. Starting in Year 2, Keira has come a long way in her Bangkok Patana journey. Proving her mettle as the captain of the Gymnastics team is only the first layer to many of her achievements in school. She competed on the gymnastics varsity team for eight years, and most recently also was part of the volleyball and softball varsity teams. She was an active President of the Pataroma club for two years in a row, and also a senior delegate.


Up until last year Keira was undecided on where to focus her future career, but her love for Design + Technology and Mathematics made her choose Architecture/Architectural Engineering. Despite not being an IB Arts student, Keira was able to assemble an impressive portfolio in less than two months for her university admissions.

Her passion for sustainability, design and love for buildings is visible in her creations. When asked what inspires her, Keira said, “I love the idea of having an input in the world, the thought that I make people feel things through my creations inspires me. My favourite building is the Bosco Verticale, the mathematical aspect of the structure interests me.”

Keira’s early offers from universities in UK and Canada has further sparked her passion for Architecture and Design. So far, she has received offers from Loughborough University (with scholarship), University of Bath, University of Toronto and University of Sheffield. We will miss her energy and brilliant smile around school, but we look forward to walking through the halls inspired by her passion! All the best Keira!




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