Patana Pathways: Ilian

Patana Pathways: Ilian

Navigating the Urban Maze

Ilian’s passion for urban planning has been kindled throughout his academic journey. From a very young age he was fascinated with cityscapes and road systems; he would immerse himself in crafting mini metropolises. His perspective was honed through these childhood city layouts and his experiences with the game City Skylines. Ilian’s journey into urban planning was sparked by a desire to make sense of the world.

Ilian (Grad’24) discovered interconnectedness in subjects, such as geography and economics during the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, which shaped his interest in urban planning. His Extended Essay delved into zoning and land use, with a specific focus on wind turbines and both onshore and offshore energy production.

Inspired by historic European city centres and villages, Ilian admires and is inspired by well-preserved places. Books, articles, and documentaries deepened his understanding, particularly in transportation systems.

Choosing the UK for higher studies was a thoughtful decision for Ilian. With family ties in the country and a more open approach to urban planning courses, the UK became the ideal destination.

Ilian’s aspirations extend beyond traditional career paths. He envisions finding a job “that brings him maximum happiness”, contributing to the design and planning of cities. His dream is to work for large companies or even own one, shaping urban landscapes with creativity and analytical skills.

Ilian received early offers from Kings College, University of Sheffield and the University of Liverpool. As he steps into the dance between structure and spontaneity, navigating the urban maze, we eagerly anticipate the impact he will make in shaping our world’s vast canvas.

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