The Cocoon of Change

The Cocoon of Change

Please Look, Do Not Touch!

Over the past half term students in Year 1 have been fascinated by the caterpillars that come to visit the Year 1 playground. The fluffy variety and the large, chunky ‘Pokémon’ variety, otherwise known as the Oleander hawk-moth caterpillar has been frequenting the playground.

Having carried out some research, the students discovered that these amazing creatures are busily feeding to gain the energy to form a chrysalis and transform into beautiful hawk-moths.

The children wanted to protect this process and the wellbeing of the caterpillars, so they created some signs which have been carefully placed around the Oleander bushes the caterpillars feed on. They were very mindful in creating posters with symbols on for those children who can’t quite read yet.

Our message is – ‘Please Look, Do Not Touch’.

Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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