Patana Pathways- Amanda

Patana Pathways- Amanda

Avid reader and storyteller Amanda, Bangkok Patana Grad ’24

Early offers from University of Cambridge, Kings College, UCL and University of Edinburgh are just the tip of the iceberg for Amanda in her Patana Pathways journey.

Amanda has always loved stories; from her start in Foundation Stage at Bangkok Patana of having stories read to her through to 16 years later when she has become a keen storyteller. Her love of word smithing was evident as a winner of the Rosamund Stuetzel Poetry Prize two years in a row and a participant in the FOBISIA short story competition since Year 6. A recent issue of the Bangkok Patana Term magazine featured one of Amanda’s stories.

It is no surprise then that Amanda’s choices for further education are English Literature and Film Direction. She also credits her favourite author Joan Didion and director John Cassavetes for her focus in these areas. She said their “…individualistic view of art, literature and storytelling aren’t confined by rules or the natural norms and they used these mediums to speak their thoughts”.

We wish you all the best Amanda, the world needs more storytellers and we look forward to seeing more of your work in the public sphere!

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