Patana Pathways – Kylie Kim

Patana Pathways – Kylie Kim

Join us in celebrating Grad’23 Patana Pathways!

Providing an intricate combination of the Sciences and Humanities, the Health Sciences course at Boston University will enable Kylie Kim to pursue a pre-med track with an intended minor in Autism Spectrum Disorders. “My (I)GCSE and IB courses at Bangkok Patana all demonstrated to me the importance of the ability to perceive the world from countless viewpoints and Boston University’s programme really seems to embrace this same value,” Kylie explained, adding that she received a Presidential Scholarship which will greatly help her to “prepare for the rigorous journey to become a doctor”.

Throughout her seven years at Bangkok Patana, Kylie most enjoyed her Chemistry, English and History courses. From answering her curiosities to discovering various interpretations of art and learning about the global impact of human interactions, Kylie came to appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of healthcare provision. “At the end of the day, doctors handle lives – the beginning, the end and every year in between”, she said. Kylie aspires to become a doctor who “will never forget how precious and individual each person’s life is” and hopes to pursue pediatrics in the future – “I would love to work at Boston Children’s Hospital!”.

Kylie wrote her university application’s personal statement on the topic of “Serendipity”, expressing that by not being scared to “throw yourself into new experiences, groups and fields of study, you might be pleasantly surprised by what becomes of it”. Taking this concept to heart, Kylie actively participated in a range of community service activities, cross-campus initiatives and extra-curricular academic programmes. Kylie helped to run the Little Einsteins ECA (Extra-curricular Activity), where she had an opportunity to each Science to enthusiastic Year 6 students. She also participated in the Home Languages Programme with Foundation Stage, which helped her to realise how much of an impact we can have on one another’s lives. Both of these experiences “enhanced [her] desire to pursue pediatrics in the future, particularly the warmth [she] felt from working with the younger students”. Congratulations, Kylie!

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