Patana Pathways – Sammy Anuras

Patana Pathways – Sammy Anuras

Join us in celebrating Grad’23 Patana Pathways!

Rada (Sammy) Anuras is preparing to become the ‘architect of [her] own education’. She received an Early Decision admission to Brown University, which operates an Open Curriculum system, a testament to an “undergraduate experience that will satiate the interdisciplinary breadth and depth” of Sammy’s intellectual curiosities, as well as her love for singing (particularly opera) and performing. Describing herself as “an individual who loves to learn just for the sake of learning”, Sammy is looking forward to the opportunities to also explore and embrace other academic disciplines that she finds interesting, such as socio-cultural anthropology and comparative literature. In fact, she views her experience in IB English Language and Literature served as a “microcosm of the learning experience that [she] will experience at Brown as it is very interdisciplinary in nature” and allowed her to “participate in respectful peer discourse through which [she] can question, challenge and learn from the diverse spectrum of perspectives”.

Having spent fourteen years at Bangkok Patana, one of Sammy’s proudest achievements was playing the role of Tallulah in the 2022 Bugsy Malone musical production. “It was my absolute honour to be a part of bringing back the joy of theatre to Bangkok Patana after the years of COVID isolation. What the audience sees on stage is only a fraction of the dedication, zeal and passion of every cast member, from Year 6 to Year 13! At Brown, I plan to further this passion by participating in student-led musicals and acapella groups.” said Sammy. She explained that in her application to Brown, her personal statement explored the intersection between performance arts and social justice, analysing her role as an advocate for women through both modalities of expression. As founder of the Dragonfly Teen Initiative, a network of psychiatrists and empowerment coaches that provide therapy to teen moms and assault survivors, Sammy has also helped to develop the “Let’s Talk” curriculum, which trains teachers in under-resourced communities in anxiety management techniques, allowing for a trauma-informed and nurturing learning environment. Sammy serves as a youth ambassador of the larger Dragonfly 360 organisation and presented her research on unconscious biases at a British Chamber of Commerce event celebrating International Women’s Day.

“What I will miss most about Bangkok Patana School is my teachers! They are all so passionate about their subjects and go above and beyond with their support, including friendly conversations in the hallways. I have developed a love of learning and my teachers have all inspired me to continue my journey in the life-long pursuit of knowledge.” As Sammy embarks upon her new pathway, she shares that she is confident that “the learning that takes place at Brown, whether inside or outside the classroom, will allow [her] to develop a holistic exploration of [herself] as an individual, a learner and an open-minded, kind citizen of the world”. Congratulations, Sammy!

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