Patana Pathways – Tee

Patana Pathways – Tee

Bass player since Year 7, Tetris National Champion..

14 Years at Bangkok Patana, bass player since Year 7, prominent face in the Jazz band, Tetris National Champion – four years in a row, Top 30 in the World! And now planning to take on the world of music by storm at NYU. Tee’s Patana Pathway combines his passion for music with his interest in science and technology.

Music has always played a major role in Tee’s life, having played for the Patana Big Band, Jazz Band and the Staff Band for many years. “One of my favourite memories at school is from a Christmas concert when in Year 8,” Tee recalls with a smile, “I learned an entire song in just five minutes before the show and played it from start to finish. It was such a rush and really showed me what I could do under pressure!”

While deciding on his career path, Tee was initially interested in Bass Performance and Jazz studies; however, it was during IGCSE Music he began enjoying composition and started pursuing its various aspects. This led to engaging with Music technology and engineering, which had an unexpected crossover with mathematics and science. “I’ve always been interested in science and technology, coding video games and other projects from a young age. Thus, during IB, I made it a goal to create my portfolio around the intersection between these two passions of mine which was what I sent out to various universities,” said Tee. His Extended Essay delved into digital signal processing, focusing on manipulation of sound using algorithms.

Tee chose to commit to NYU (New York University) for its top-tier Music Technology programme and Computer Science department, “NYU’s programme is one of the best globally and offers a unique double majoring option in Computer Science,” Tee notes enthusiastically. “It’s a course that’s not available at most liberal arts colleges, making NYU my dream choice.” He also received offers from Boston University, University of Rochester, Indiana University Bloomington and University of New Hampshire but felt that NYU was the perfect fit. “I can’t wait to perform in New York and join some of the jazz ensembles there,” Tee shared, letting us in on his future endeavours.

Wishing you the very best Tee!

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