Patana Pathways – Thea

Patana Pathways – Thea

Ready to take on the field of Medicine!

From a very young age, Thea has had a fascination towards science and it was only a matter of time till she realised Medicine was the pathway she wanted to pursue after she graduated from Bangkok Patana.

While going through her career options, Thea was certain she wanted to use her love for science and her willingness to help people as one of the main priorities. Thea’s participation in Community Engagement projects at school helped her re-affirm her passion for helping people in need. “Growing up in a family of doctors from both sides helped me see how one’s efforts can help someone truly in need as the pure goal of a doctor is to save a life!” said Thea.

Thea is also attracted to the lifelong learning and development aspect of medicine, especially with the integration of AI. For one of her essays, she did a study on the most effective time of taking antibiotics, and for her Extended Essay she did a comparative study on ‘Anti-Malarial Resistance in the Mekong region and Nigeria’.

Thea has had offers from University of Navarra, UCL, University of Exeter, University of Leeds and University of Bath. She has decided to pursue Medicine at University of Navarra.

Congratulations Thea, we wish you an exciting adventure in the field of Medicine.

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