Peace Day Challenge

Peace Day Challenge

Primary students are celebrating the UN International Day of Peace with the Peace Day Challenge.

Today is the International Day of Peace and Primary students have been taking part in Peace Day Challenges. They will continue to challenge themselves with their families during the week to celebrate and honour this day. Students were asked to choose a challenge and send in a selfie. Challenges include:

  • Learn how to say ‘peace’ in 5 languages
  • Reach out to someone new in your class
  • Design and display a rainbow for peace
  • Enjoy a minute of silence
  • Pick up litter for 10 minutes in and around your community
  • List 5 things that you are grateful for
  • Write a ‘peace’ poem
  • Learn about other countries and cultures to help foster a better understanding of our world community
  • Read about different peace-makers
  • Learn more about the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Watch the news or read a newspaper – discuss the key issues with a family member
  • Create a design for a sustainable village/town
  • Read about people who have won the Nobel Peace Prize – send them a letter
  • Write to lawmakers to consider more peaceful approaches
  • Connect with/spend time in nature
  • Discover 5 facts about the United Nations
  • Create a dove or flag for ‘peace’
  • Make peace resolutions in your own life
  • Learn more about the sustainable development goals
  • Think about our school values – how to they help create a vision for harmony in our school
  • Learn more about careers in the field of peace
  • Consider how to promote equality and diversity – start small!
  • Interview an older relative about his/her life
  • Lend your skills to help somebody in your community
  • Read some of the books on the recommended reading list
  • Create your own act of ‘peace’

What is your #PeaceDayChallenge?

Check out all our new Peace Day challenge videos on Vimeo here

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